Wisconsin Plumbing (Journeyman/Master)

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Wisconsin Plumbing (Journeyman/Master)
Steps to Success

1. Register and pass your State Exams.
2. Submit affidavit form,licensing fee, and application to the State.

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About This License

Journeyman - Allows a person to install plumbing systems under the general supervision of a master plumber or master plumber-restricted or a utility contractor doing only the type of work that is associated with the master providing the supervision.

Master - A credential that allows a person to submit plans for approval and to be responsible for those plans and the installation of the plumbing on those plans.

Requirements to Obtaining your License

No person may install plumbing unless the person holds a credential issued by the department as a licensed master plumber, licensed master plumber restricted, licensed journeyman plumber, licensed journeyman plumber-restricted, registered plumbing apprentice, registered plumbing learner-restricted, registered utility contractor or registered pipe layer.

  • Pre-approval is required for these exams by the state.
  • Master - As a prerequisite to taking the Department of Commerce exam, the applicant shall provide proof of (a) at least 1,000 hours per year for at least 3 consecutive years as a licensed journeyman plumber or (b) graduation from an accredited engineering university or college with a degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or other approved curriculum related to plumbing
  • Journeyman - As a prerequisite to taking the Department of Commerce exam, the applicant shall provide proof of completing a plumbing apprenticeship program recognized under ch 106, Wis. Stats.

Exam Review, Training, Education

Please check back later for review and training for this license.

Books and References for the Exam

The following references ARE allowed in the testing center:

You will need to have a working knowledge of the component manuals for the various POWTS. You will need to bring these to the exam site. These can also be purchased through Wisconsin Document Sales at (608) 266-3358.

Exam Details

  • Open Book
  • 70% is required to pass
  • Exam is given by the state
  • 8 hours

Continuing Education

24 hours of continued education.

Applying to Get Your License

Call (608) 261-8500 for application form, or Click Here

Reciprocity Agreement

There are no reciprocal agreements with any state at this time.