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Maryland Plumber/Gasfitter License

License Requirements

Requirements to Obtaining your License

  • Contractors who are "insured to contract" must maintain coverage of at least $400,000 per occurrence.
  • Journeyman Plumbers must show four years of experience as an apprentice and complete a 32 hour back flow course.
  • Master Plumbers must have two years of experience as a Journeyman.
Work Under this License

Work that can be Done Under this License

A Master Plumbing License covers unlimited plumbing work including sanitary drainage, water supply, storm drainage, and natural gas piping.

A Journeyman Plumbing license covers unlimited plumbing work including sanitary drainage, water supply, storm drainage, and natural gas piping while under the supervision of a Master Plumber.

Applications for a License

Applying to get your License

Journeyman application fee: $35.00 - Master application fee: $70.00

To apply for the Plumbing Contractor license, contact:
Maryland Board of Plumbers
500 North Calvert Street, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

410.333.6314 fax


Reciprocity Agreements

There are no reciprocal agreements for this license as of this time.
Continuing Education

Continuing Education

There are no requirements for continuing education as of this time.

Exam Details

  • The Maryland Master Plumber/Gasfitter Exam has 100 questions and a time limit of 4 hours.
  • A 75% is required to pass.
  • The fee for the exam is $65 and pre-approval is required.
  • Topics on the exam include plumbing fundamentals and safety; materials, uses, and specifications; traps, interceptors, and backwater valves; plumbing fixtures, fixture fittings, and plumbing appliances; water supply systems; backflow prevention; drain, waste, and vent systems; gas appliances and piping; and plumbing mathematics.
  • To schedule your exams, contact PSI at 1-800-733-9267.

Books and References for the Exam

The following references are permitted to be taken into the examination. These references may be tabbed (with a permanent index tab) and highlighted. They are available for purchase from our online bookstore or by calling our office at 1-800-952-0910.

  • 2012 National Standard Plumbing Code
  • NFPA 54 - 2012 National Fuel Gas Code
  • Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters
  • Backflow Prevention: Theory and Practice
  • OSHA Code of Federal Regulations Part 1926
Exam Review and Education

Exam Review, Training, Education

We will soon be offering review for the Maryland Plumber/Gasfitter (master and journeyman) examinations in a home study/tutorial format. The fee for the study guide will be $150. This study guide will include sample figures, questions, as well as a highlighting guide for the approved references. For more information, or to order, contact our office at 1-800-952-0910.

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Reference Books

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