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Idaho Electrical License (Master/Journeyman/Contractor)

License Requirements

Requirements to Obtaining your License

  • A person wishing to become an apprentice electrician shall register with the Electrical Bureau prior to going to work, and carry a current registration certificate on his person at all times. Must be at least 16 years old.
  • An apprentice who has completed the required number of instructional hours and has not passed the journeyman's examination within two (2) years of completion of the required instructional training hours shall provide proof of continuation training (defined as registration in an approved fourth year apprenticeship class) in order to re-register as an apprentice.
  • In order to qualify to take the journeyman electrician examination an apprentice electrician shall be required to work four (4) years, defined as a minimum of eight thousand (8000) hours of work experience, under the constant on-the-job supervision of a journeyman electrician.
  • In order to be approved for the Idaho State Journeyman Electrician exam you must submit notarized documentation of four (4) years (a minimum of 8,000 hrs) of work experience as an apprentice electrician making electrical installations under the constant supervision of a qualified journeyman electrician and four (4) years (a minimum of 576 hrs) of approved electrical apprenticeship class room instruction.
  • In order to be approved for the Idaho Master Electrician examination, you must have worked as a licensed journeyman electrician for a period of not less than four (4) years.
  • Proof of $300,000.00 Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance (if applicable) must be received by the Electrical Bureau before your Electrical Contractor’s License will be issued.
Work Under this License

Work that can be Done Under this License

A person holding an active Idaho journeyman electrician license may make installations of electrical wiring and equipment as an employee of an active licensed Idaho electrical contractor. Anyone attempting to act as an electrical contractor in the state of Idaho must first obtain an Idaho electrical contractor's license.

Applications for a License

Applying to get your License

It will cost you $15 to file the application for a contractor's license, $60 for the exam, and $125 to get the license. It's good until July 1 of the year after you got it. It will cost you $15 to file an application for the journeyman or master journeyman license and $60 for either exam. The master license costs $65. The journeyman license costs $55. Either license is good until July 1 of the year after you got it.


Reciprocity Agreements

Idaho has master electrician licensing reciprocity with the state of Oregon. Idaho has journeyman electrician licensing reciprocity with the states of Oregon and Montana.
Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Journeymen and Master Electricians must complete at least twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education instruction in every three (3) year period between updates of the National Electrical Code. The twenty-four hours of instruction will consist of a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of code update covering changes included in the latest edition of the National Electrical Code.

Exam Details

  • 100 questions total and a time limit of 5hrs (Master Exam)
  • 80 questions total and a time limit of 4hrs (Journeyman Exam)
  • 50 questions total and a time limit of 2hrs (Contractor)
  • Open Book
  • Exam requires a 70% to pass.
  • *Applicants failing to purchase a license within ninety (90) days of the date of successful examination shall be required to reapply for licensure, again obtain the Bureau approval, and re-examine.
  • To schedule your exams, contact the bureau at (208) 334-2183.

Books and References for the Exam

These books are available for purchase from our online contractor’s bookstore or by calling our office at 1-800-952-0910.

The following references ARE allowed in the testing center:

  • National Electrical Code, 2014 (Master, Journeyman)
  • Ferm’s Fast Finder Index, IAEI (Master, Journeyman)
  • Ugly’s Electrical Reference (Master, Journeyman)
  • Tom Henry’s Key Word Index (Master, Journeyman)
  • Idaho Contractors Business and Law Reference Manual (Contractor)
  • 2014 Idaho Electrical Statutes and Rules (Contractor, Master, Journeyman)
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