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License Requirements

Requirements to Obtaining your License

All plumbing work in Georgia requires a license.

  • Pre-approval from the state is required to sit for the examination.
  • Georgia Business and Law exam is NOT required.
  • Applicants must be able to document at least 3 years of plumbing experience, to qualify for the Journeyman's exam
  • Class 1 - 5 years experience with a minimum of 2 years as primary experience.
  • Class 2 - 5 years experience with a minimum of 2 years as primary experience. And, must include experience with commercial or industrial plumbing.
Work Under this License

Work that can be Done Under this License

A Journeyman Plumber license allows for the installation, maintenance, alteration, and repair of plumbing fixtures and systems under the direction of a Master Plumber.

A Master Plumber is a person who performs or contracts to perform plumbing services.

  • Class 1 is restricted to plumbing work involving single-family dwellings, one-level dwellings designed for no more than 2 families and commercial structures not exceeding 10,000 sq. feet.
  • Class 2 license has no restrictions as to the type of plumbing work allowed.
Applications for a License

Applying to get your License

To apply, contact the state of Georgia at 1-478-207-2440. A non refundable fee of $30.00 must be submitted with application. The application must be submitted to the Board at least 60 days before the next scheduled exam date. Applicants should receive an approval letter approximately 30 days prior to the exam. After the exam, passing candidates will receive their licenses in approximately six weeks.


Reciprocity Agreements

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

4 hours per year are required. We have offer this online. Contact our office at 800-952-0910 for more details.

Exam Details

  • The testing company is AMP (1-800-345-6559)
  • Only offered 6 times per year and CLOSED book
  • 100 questions and an 5-hour time limit (Journeyman)
  • 140 questions and an 7-hour time limit (Master, Class 1)
  • 168 questions and an 7-hour time limit (Master, Class 2)
  • 70% is required to pass the exam
  • The exam fee is $248 for masters and $240 for journeyman

Books and References for the Exam

The following references are recommended to study for the Georgia Master and Journeyman Plumbing examinations. However, they can NOT be taken into the exams. These references are available for purchase from our online contractors' bookstore or by calling 1-800-952-0910.

  • 2006 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2006 International Plumbing Code
  • Business and Project Management for Contractors, Georgia Edition
  • Blueprint Reading for Plumbers, Residential and Commercial
  • Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters
  • Plumbing Technology, Design and Installation
  • Digsmart Excavator Manual, Call Before You Dig!

The following references are also needed to study for the exam. They are available to print online free of charge.

The following Reference is used only for the Master exam.

  • OSHA Part 1926
Exam Review and Education

Exam Review, Training, Education

As of this time, we offer practice tests online for the code books. Each time you take the practice test, the questions are randomly generated from our database. Therefore, you will never see the same test twice, guaranteeing you the best review possible for your examination.

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Reference Books

Our online store offers hundreds of books at the best pricing possible.

To find books for your exam, click here and then click "State Exam".


Application Processing Assistance

@ Home Prep- a division of Stautzenberger College can assist you by saving you time and money. With our years of experience, we can quickly and accurately submit your application to your state.

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