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Arizona Contractor Business Management Exam

License Requirements

Requirements to Obtaining your License

  • Please note that the Business Management Exam must be passed in addition to the trade exam.
  • All Contractors are required to obtain bonds. The amount is based on the license classification and the yearly work volume.

Exam Details

  • 80 questions and a time limit of 3 hours
  • A score of 70% is needed to pass.
  • Exam fee is $75
  • Topics include: Business Management, Licensing Laws & Rules, Estimating & Bidding, Contracts & Agreements, Project Management, Insurance & Bonding, Safety, Record Keeping & Reporting Labor Laws & Employment Regulations, Financial Management, Tax Laws, Liens and Environmental Laws & Regulations
  • The exam is given by PSI:1-800-733-9267.

Books and References for the Exam

The following are recommended to study for the examination.. They are available for purchase from our online contractor’s bookstore or by calling our office at 1-800-952-0910.

The following references are permitted to be used during the exam.

  • OSHA, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1926
  • Arizona Contractors Guide to Business Law and Project Management
Exam Review and Education

Exam Review, Training, Education

As of this time, we do not offer review for this program.

Buy Now, Reference Books

Reference Books

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