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Hawaii General Building Contractor

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License Requirements

Requirements to Obtaining your License.

  • Every applicant must pass the Business and Law (Part I) and Trade Specific (Part II) exam.
  • Credit report covering the previous 5 years on each individual applicant
  • A current financial statement prepared and signed by a CPA
  • A current state tax clearance from the Dept. of Taxation
  • Must submit a certificate of insurance for worker's compensation and certificate from their insurer showing liability coverage for: Property damage- $50,000 per occurrence and Bodily Injury- $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence.
  • A license is required to offer to undertake work which requires a license.
  • All licenses expire on September 30th of the even-numbered year. Renewal applications are mailed to all current licensees approximately 45 days before the license expires. Licensees must submit their renewal application and all required documents and fees by September 30 of the even-numbered year.

Work Under this License

Work that can be Done Under this License

The exam covers the broad range of activities performed by a General Building Contractor as defined in Title 16, Chapter 77 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules. Examination questions are based on research of accepted business and trade practices as determined by surveyed current professionals in the field of General Building.

Applications for a License

Applying to get your License

Applications for licensure must be submitted to the Board by the 20th of the month for review by the Board during the following month. (The Board does not review applications or meet in December.) Once the application is approved, the qualifying individual or responsible managing employee must successfully complete the appropriate licensing examinations. Upon completion of the examination process, the applicant must submit license fees, and proof of liability and workers compensation insurance.

  • Application fee - $50.00 per application. You may apply for more than one classification per application. A separate application is required for each contracting entity and RME.
  • License fee – Contracting entity - $545.00 if licensed between October 1st of the even-numbered year and September 30th of the odd-numbered year, and $415.00 if licensed between October 1st of the odd-numbered year and September 30th of the even-numbered year.
  • License fee - RME - $335.00 if licensed between October 1st of the even-numbered year and September 30th of the odd-numbered year, and $255.00 if licensed between October 1st of the odd-numbered year and September 30th of the even-numbered year.
  • Renewal fee - $275.00


Reciprocity Agreements

None at this time

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

None at this time


Exam Details

  • All exams are closed-book.
  • $65.00 per part (Part I – Business & Law, and Part II – Trade).
  • 80 Questions – Four-hour time limit
  • 75% Correct Required to Pass


Books and References for the Exam

The following references are NOT permitted to be taken into the examination. They are available for purchase from our online contractor’s bookstore or by calling our office at 1-800-952-0910.

  • Carpentry and Building Construction
  • Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
  • Excavating and Grading Handbook
  • Placing Reinforcing Bars
  • Modern Masonry
  • 2003 International Building Code
  • OSHA Part 1926
  • Painting and Decorating Craftsman’s Manual
  • NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual

Exam Review and Education

Exam Review, Training, Education

We do not offer training for this license at this time, please check later as we add more content.

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